4” Cazuela


4” Cazuela


Ideal for small gatherings and tapas parties. Make your table complete and fill with small tapas portions of olives, tapenades, marcona almonds, salsas, garlic shrimp or paella! Also, a great olive oil dipping dish!
One of our most versatile and popular items.

Before using your cazuela for the first time, soak it in cold water overnight. It need not be soaked again. Cazuelas can be used in the oven, on the stove-top, on the grill, in a clay or brick oven, and in the microwave. Until your cazuela has been broken in — that is, used many times — keep stove top temperatures at low or medium, and oven temperatures at 400 degrees or less. Avoid sudden temperature changes, such as putting cold water in a hot cazuela, as this can cause cracking. Although hand washing is recommended, cazuelas are dishwasher-safe if positioned carefully so as to avoid chipping the glaze.

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